SOC 333 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 and 2


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SOC 333 Week 2 Discussion 1, Use of Theory

Why do you think the literature review can determine the theory that may be used in a study?  Come up with examples of independent, dependent, intervening, moderating, control, and confounding variables. Which of these do you think are most useful in research for your particular work field or discipline of study, and why? Discuss the importance of theory in quantitative research. By comparison, how different is the use of theory in qualitative research? What are the factors that make theory use in mixed method studies unique, and why? How does the transformative paradigm in theory specifically relate and support advocacy and social justice in communities?

SOC 333 Week 2 Discussion 2, Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations

Differentiate between the qualitative constructivist/interpretive format and the qualitative transformative format for writing research proposals. Discuss the importance of the purpose statement and the research question in the mixed-methods research proposal. The author of the course text provides some helpful tips in scholarly writing. What tips did you find most useful to further develop your own scholarly writing in course work which requires research papers or a project? Under what circumstances would you attempt to persuade a potential study participant to consent to an interview or completing a survey? How ethical or unethical do you think this would be, and why? What is appropriate in influencing a participant’s desire to share information with you as a researcher, and how do ensure your approach is ethical?soc 333 week 2