SOC 333 Week 5 Assignment, Academic Research Article Critique


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SOC 333 Week 5 Assignment, Academic Research Article Critique

People’s stories should equally match the data but the gaps could not fill in the missing pieces. Researchers came to find the ugly truth when people tuned to social media outlet that sparked an investigation, if the government is granting money for the Katrina relief program under FEMA, WHY is there an increase in crime rates?  Crime rates should be less if anything, not increased. This information was collected by using police reports and 911 call logs, every piece of evidence they can re-evaluate through, looking at expenditure reports and where did the money go? – into the pockets of wealthy officials and contractors political greed and misconception, through countless documented interviews, Katrina victims for the first time was able to………… Continued (10 Pages with References)

SOC 333 Week 5 Discussion 1, Mixed Methods Procedures

Discuss your perception of mixed methods approach and compare it to the types of mixed methods designs presented. Look back on your initial response to Week One’s discussion, “Selecting Research Approaches.” Based on the research topic you chose for that discussion, which mixed methods design would best accommodate your needs, and why? How useful do you find the advanced mixed methods designs mentioned in Chapter 10? Justify your answer. Chapter 10 gives six factors considered important when choosing mixed methods design. Organize these six factors by order of importance based on your research. Share your ranking and discuss the disparities observed.

SOC 333 Week 5 Discussion 2, The Value of Research in Social Policy

How does the City of San Francisco currently use its crime data? How could the data be used by citizens to influence policy? Provide at least two community advocacy and societal change ideas. Explain them and how they would help citizens. How could the data be used by the police service? Provide at least two forms of community outreach, policing policy, or program creation, and explain how they would help the police and the citizenry. How could the data be used by social researchers? What does the data tell them about crime in San Francisco?  Are there wider applications for the data to support policy makers in San Francisco? Explain how. How has this example changed your thoughts about the use of research and data to support policy? Can you provide another way research could be ….to support policy creation or change?