SOC 333 Week 3 Assignment, Qualitative Research, Discussion


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SOC 333 Week 3 Assignment, Qualitative Research

The actions researchers can take to ensure they retain their ethical and neutral stance in performing qualitative research and reporting their qualitative research results can begin with a written permission note from the informant, legally consenting to obtain accurate information needed for the case study. Include statements about past experiences to help the reader understand the connection between the researchers and the study, and know what the limitations are. While information can be gathered from interviews, documents, and observations the informant should be reminded that they can leave the settings at any given time and are not forced to give any information against their will……………..Continued (06 Pages with References)

SOC 333 Week 3 Discussion 1, The Introduction and Purpose Statement

Discuss the importance of the introduction to a study. What is the deficiency model of an introduction? Discuss how using this model when writing the introduction to a study. Or proposal may set the stage for the reader. Discuss the importance of framing the study within existing literature when writing the introduction. Describe the elements that constitute a good qualitative purpose statement. Discuss the importance of addressing the variables in a quantitative purpose statement.

SOC 333 Week 3 Discussion 2, Research Questions and Hypothesis

Discuss why you think the research questions and hypothesis may be considered signposts in research. Select the three factors that you think may be the most important considerations when writing qualitative research questions. Justify your choices. Why do you think an examination of the variables is important> When writing the research questions and hypothesis in a quantitative study? To what extent do you agree with the notion. That the most rigorous form of quantitative research follows from a test of theory?soc 333 week 3