SOC 320 Topic 8 Benchmark Assignment, Journal, Discussion – Complete



SOC 320 Topic 8 Benchmark Assignment, The Sociological Imagination

The four aspects of my life associated with family situations or relationships would be marriage, Family communication, Parenting style, and lack of education within my family. Social imagination is thinking of the “greater good” which is the society we live in and all the causes and effects that come with social imagination. Marriage is a complicated and very committed thing a person is willing to do. Because they love that person, my marriage of course has its flaws and this aspect but my marriage helps the society a lot of ways, the first way would be econ

SOC 320 Topic 8 Marriage and Family Journal

Follow the instructions below to create a Journal entry that addresses the following:

Consider a marriage that you know well. (e.g., your own, that of your parents or grandparents, or the marriage of a close friend or relative)

  1. What season of a marriage is that marriage going through at this time?
  2. On what do you base this assessment?
  3. What other seasons has it gone through?
  4. Have any of them been …..?

SOC 320 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1: Sometimes marriage is described as a chronological series of stages that most couples go through. A life-cycle approach uses this type of description. (For example, the engagement, the wedding, the honeymoon period, the childbearing years, the “empty nest,” retirement, death of a partner.) A different type of approach ……a qualitative approach. This type of description looks at the quality of a relationship rather than the timeline in which things happen. Which type of approach does Chapman take and why does he take that approach? Do you find his way of describing marriages helpful? Why or why not?

SOC 320 Topic 8 Discussion Question 2: Using the information presented in the The Four Seasons of Marriage text, choose four of the seven strategies for enhancing marriage that were discussed in part II of the book. How is the application of each strategy that you select beneficial to a marital relationship? What is the impact on a marriage when they are absent? Compare your choices with those of your classmates.soc 320 topic 8