SOC 320 Topic 7 Marriage and Family Journal, Discussion – Complete



SOC 320 Topic 7 Marriage and Family Journal

Complete the “Topic 7 Marriage and Family Journal” worksheet. For each part of the Journal assignment, compose a response with a minimum of 250 words. These journal entries are designed to allow you to see how your own personal experiences or situations are relevant to the kinds of things that sociologists study. You will not … share them with anyone other than the instructor of this class. It is …… that this will allow you to be open and honest when controversial or personal topics are explored.

SOC 320 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1: While we must be careful not to confuse correlation with causation. It is clear that some characteristics (sociodemographic factors) such as socioeconomic status, age, race, social integration. And changing norms can have a negative impact on marriages and …..with divorce. On the other hand, it is also the case that it is the interaction between people that leads to the actual disruption in a relationship. Briefly list and describe the interpersonal factors that the Lauer & Lauer text identifies as the more immediate types of complaints, conflicts, feelings, and problems that lead to divorce. Then choose one as an example that you have seen and heard in a particular relationship that ended in divorce. Can you identify any socio-demographic factors that may have had a bearing on the type of interactions that led to the breakup of the relationship?

SOC 320 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2:   Discuss the positive and negative effects of divorce for adults and children in a family. Chapter 14 of the Lauer & Lauer text begins with the question, “Is divorce ever good for you?” The answer, it seems, is that there will probably be short-term negative effects. But there could also be long-term positive effects. What are some of the positive and negative effects of divorce? How might a Christian Worldview affect whether a couple going through a divorce treat each other ethically? Describe examples with which you are familiar that illustrate both positive and negative effects. Include in your discussion the impacts – positive and negative. For both children and adults in the family that goes through the divorce.

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