SOC 320 Topic 5 Assignment, Journal, Discussion – Complete



SOC 320 Topic 5 Assignment, Work, Families, and Children

I choose the alternatively, which both parents needs to work to prove for their family. In today society many people believe that their children will benefits that both parents work, which other believe that it have a negative impact on the children life. I believe that both parents working have it pros and cons on both parents work which it will have a balance between it. By both parents working it have a lot of benefits to their children and the family in general. However, it will bring that extra income from both parents………continued

SOC 320 Topic 5 Marriage and Family Journal Entry # 9, 10, 11, 12

Think of a married couple with whom you are quite familiar. This could be your parents, some friends, or even your own marriage if you are married. Based on the information in Chapter 9 of the Lauer & Lauer text, analyze the communication skills of this couple. Would you classify their communication as “satisfying” (p. 206) or are there identifiable “impediments” (p.202 ff.)?

Think of a married couple with whom you are quite familiar. This …the same couple you used as your example in Journal Entry #9. Or another couple with whom you are quite familiar. With regard to the topic of power in a marriage, would you say that there are a lot of power struggles in this marriage. Or is power more or less equally shared? What types of power do you see in this marriage (see p.219)? How might a Christian Worldview affect how a couple shares power within a marriage?………..continued

SOC 320 Topic 5 Discussion Question 1: Beginning with a definition of communication, both verbal and nonverbal, discuss ways in which certain communication behaviors can lead to more intimacy, satisfaction, and happiness in a marriage. Give examples of these strategies (behaviors) in action.

SOC 320 Topic 5 Discussion Question 2: We sometimes think of marriage as a romantic adventure in which two people in love are always thinking of the other person and seldom if ever have any fights or arguments. Virtually anyone who is or ….married will tell you that it is not like that. After reading Chapter 10 in the Lauer & Lauer text, think of a marriage with which you are fairly familiar and analyze how power is shared in that marriage and what role conflict plays in that relationship.soc 320 topic 5