PSYC 4002 Week 1 Test – Brain and Behavior (Winter 2021)


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PSYC-4002-1-Brain and Behavior-2021-Winter-QTR-Term-wks-1-thru-6

Test – Week 1

  1. The delicate neural structures in the brain are protected by:
  2. During the development of the nervous system:
  3. An action potential occurs at a specific amplitude for that neuron, regardless of the stimulus intensity or how much higher than the threshold the stimulus is; this is known as the:
  4. While researchers feel it is more ethical for animals to experience suffering than humans, animal rights activists argue that this is an unacceptable and biased viewpoint called:
  5.  have a branched structure and receive stimulation from other neurons.
  6. Why are scientists moving slowly regarding the therapeutic use of stem cells?
  7. The ongoing biological activity of a living brain can be visualized by using:
  8. Homunculus refers to:
  9. In the mature human brain, most changes consist of:
  10. Neural plasticity refers to the:
  11. Transcranial magnetic stimulation:
  12. The directional term anterior means:
  13. The functioning of the two hemispheres is:
  14. True experimental studies:
  15. The most obvious function of the cerebellum is in movements initiated by the.
  16. The corpus callosum:
  17. Which of the following is a true statement of the imaging technologies used to study brain anatomy?
  18. Which of the following methods uses radioactive DNA, which will dock with messenger RNA?
  19. Stem cells have been used to successfully treat all of the following except:
  20. Jorge, a 63-year-old factory worker, su$ered a stroke. He can speak, but he cannot understand when spoken to. The stroke was probably in: