PSYC 4002 Week 5 Test – Brain and behavior (Winter 2021)


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Test – Week 5

  1. Caffeine:
  2. Many psychedelics are chemically similar to neurotransmitters. In particular:
  3. Cocaine users will experience to the drug in terms of its euphoric effects and to seizure-producing effects of the drug.
  4. A male rat that is presented with a sexually receptive female shows an increase of dopamine in the:
  5. Fetal alcohol syndrome is most likely to occur if the mother:
  6. The baby had colic days and it seemed that every time Amy would get to sleep the baby would start crying. When she eventually slept through the night, which of the following was most likely to happen to Amy?
  7. A circadian rhythm:
  8. The major drug reward system:
  9. Gazzaniga believes:
  10. To maximize your ability to pay attention when studying, you should plan to take a break about every:
  11. An interesting new theory for sleep claims that cerebral spinal $uid circulation increases during sleep to do what?
  12. Many Asians react to alcohol with intense Cushing and nausea due to a(n):
  13. A decrease in the effectiveness of a drug that is administered repeatedly is:
  14. Prenatal exposure to cocaine:
  15. In the Stroop word-color test the modulates activity in attention pathways to focus attention on the word’s meaning and suppress attention to its color.
  16. Mirror neurons play an important role in all of the following except:
  17. All of the following are considered to be key components of consciousness except:
  18. A drug that blocks the e”ect of a neurotransmitter is called a(n):
  19. The phantom limb phenomenon:
  20. Endorphins: