PSYC 304 Week 2 Quiz -Question and Answers


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PSYC 304  Week 2 -Quiz 2

  1. Visible light is between and nm within the electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. Lateral inhibition can be used to explain
  3. The rod-cone break in the dark adaptation curve occurs after what time period in the dark.
  4. The blind spot is located
  5. According to Goldstein, the evolutionary explanation of neural specialization is
  6. The Hecht et al. (1942) study is important because
  7. Light can be described in terms of wavelength, or as consisting of small packets of energy called
  8. Neurons in the LGN have receptive fields.
  9. According to Miller and Goodale, the dorsal stream is the pathway.
  10. The “chain reactions” that occurs when isomerization of a single pigment molecule triggers the activation of more and more molecules is called the
  11. Acuity is better in the than in the .
  12. The di?culty of reading under dim light conditions can be explained by
  13. Covergence results in sensitivity and acuity.
  14. As night falls, a red flower seems to fade in brightness compared to its green stem or leaves. This change in vision is called
  15. The PPA activity is