PSYC 304 Week 5 Quiz – Question and Answers


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PSYC 304 Week 5 Quiz 5

  1. The basic colors in the color circle are
  2. The trichromatic theory of color vision is also known as the………… theory.
  3. By changing only, we can create about a million (or more) discriminative colors.
  4. Newton’s quote of “The Rays… are not colored” means that
  5. The edge between a dark shadow and an illuminated checkerboard is a(n)
  6. Uchikawa et al. demonstrated how …………can explain why color constancy occurs.
  7. Which of the following is phenomenological support for the “opponent process theory” of color vision?
  8. Nora adapts to a yellow stimulus for about 30 seconds. She will then see an afterimage that appears to be
  9. The imaginary plane in which all objects project to corresponding points in the left and right retina is
  10. If you hold one quarter about 12 inches from your eyes and another quarter at arm’s length, the two quarters will be perceived to be about the same size when
  11. According to the ……..theory of moon illusion, the overhead moon appears smaller when it is surrounded by a large amount of sky.
  12. The depth cue of is the most important in the Ponzo (railroad track) illusion.
  13. The correspondence problem is best demonstrated by
  14. ……….is the di?erence in the images in the two eyes; …………is the impression of depth that results from this information.
  15. Bats are able to determine depth by using