PSYC 304 Week 6 Quiz – Question and Answers


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PSYC 304 Week 6 Quiz

  1. 1. The speed of sound through air is
    2. Pitch is primarily dtermined by the of the sound wave.
    3. Loudness of pure tones depends on frequency and sound pressure level can be shown graphically using
    4. The bending of the cilia of the causes a release of small bursts of neurotransmitter.
    5. The auditory cortex is similar to the visual cortex in that
    6. The cochlear implant makes use of
    7. A woman with parietal and frontal lobe damage could
    8. Frequency can be coded by the firing rate at or near the peak of the sine-wave stimulus. This is called
    9. Auditory grouping can be accomplished by
    10. Which of the following is NOT a coordinate system for auditory localization?
    11.If there is an interaural time di?erence, we interpret the sound as coming from
    12. The principal of auditory grouping called is responsible for melody schema.
    13. The ideal reverberation time for a small classroom is
    14. Melodic channeling, or the scale illusion, is based on the auditory grouping law .
    15. The importance of similarity in timbre as auditory grouping principle has been supported by