PSYC 3006 Week 3 Quiz – Psychology of Gender




PSYC-3006-2-Psychology of Gender-2021-Winter-QTR-Term-wks- 1-thru-6

  1. Reviews of research on gender differences in verbal ability have usually concluded that:
  2. Meta-analytic studies of mathematical ability reveal that:
  3. Regarding math classes, men:
  4. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the brains of right-handed women and men as they performed a verbal task, researchers found that:
  5. Display rules:
  6. Over the past 30 years, crime rates for women have:
  7. One situation that influences boys’ and girls’ aggressive behavior is that:
  8. The lack of correspondence between the experience and expression of emotion:
  9. When monkeys deprived of contact with other monkeys, including normal mothering, became mothers themselves:
  10. One difference between the concept of bonding and maternal instinct is:
  11. According to one view of human prehistory, men became more aggressive than women because:
  12. Research on domestic violence indicates that:
  13. When asked to memorize a shopping list for groceries and another for hardware:
  14. The concept of maternal instinct:
  15. In analyzing the development of aggression, what pattern appears?
  16. Results of a meta-analytic study on experience as a factor in performance on spatial tasks showed that:
  17. Defining aggression has been difficult for researchers because:
  18. When men cry, they are usually ; when women cry, they .
  19. Harry Harlow deprived infant monkeys of contact with their mothers:
  20. An alternative to biological explanations of school and career achievement comes from gender differences in: