PSYC 3003 Week 1 Test – Question and Answers


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PSYC 3003 Week 1 Test

  1. If a psychology student wants to do research with human participants, which of the following has the ultimate authority to approve, disapprove, or require modifications prior to the approval of the student’s research?
  2. Researchers who conduct research with individuals having limited ability to understand the nature of the research and the possible risks
  3. Public criticism of psychological research seems to occur primarily when
  4. Which one of the following is NOT part of informed consent?
  5. Selected Answer: a. Anita investigates the relationship between the amount of time children spend watching television at home and their helping behaviors at school.
  6. Which of the following is a right of the experimental participant?
  7. It is hypothesized that people are more attracted to those people that they see more often. What type of correlation is predicted between the frequency of seeing someone and attraction?
  8. When information identifying the participant is collected by the researcher, but it is not shared with anyone else, the collected data are said to be
  9. Which of the following is important when using animals as research participants?
  10. In order to make decisions about ethical dilemmas in research, psychologists consult
  11. Which one of the following journal article titles most likely represents an example of basic research?
  12. The question “How many people in a given age group are divorced?” would be answered using research, whereas the question “Do people with more money divorce more often?” would be answered using research.
  13. Which of the following are potential benefits of scientific research?
  14. Quantitative research relies on, whereas qualitative research relies on
  15. One of the important goals of science is to
  16. The major difference between scientists and others who study social behavior is that scientists
  17. After an experiment in which participants have been put in a negative mood is over, the participants complete a questionnaire in which they list all of the positive things about
  18. One of the major difficulties involved in studying human beings is that
  19. Research designed to provide a picture of the current state of a”airs is known as
  20. One of the most important uses of behavioral research is to
  21. Which is NOT one of the four basic goals of ethical research?
  22. Why are ethics a concern in behavioral research?
  23. Deception within an experiment can become unethical when
  24. In the research by Brendl, Chattopadhyay, Pelham, and Carvallo (2005) on preference for letters of one’s own name, the participants drank two teas, one that contained letters of their own name and one that contained letters of another person’s name. This systematic variation, which was created by the research, means that the research was which of the following?
  25. Why do researchers use the scientific method to study human behavior?
  26. What is the major di”erence between applied and basic research?
  27. A study in which participants are fully informed about the nature of the research and asked to behave “as if” they were in a social setting of interest is known as a(n)
  28. Which of the following correlation coefficients is the weakest?
  29. A causal relationship can only be inferred through the use of which type of research?
  30. The debriefing is frequently combined with which of the following?