PSYC 3003 Week 4 Quiz – Question and Answers


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PSYC 3003 Week 4 Quiz

  1. The idea of generalization is most closely related to
  2. A study involving the e”ect of physical activity on self-esteem has a p-value of .001 and has correctly ruled out all obvious alternative hypotheses. However, this study cannot be applied to any real-life settings. Thus it can be said to have .
  3. The possibility of making a Type 2 error in an experiment would most likely be reduced by using which of the following procedures?
  4. Aspects of the research that allow the participants to guess the research hypothesis are known as
  5. Exact replications are most likely to be conducted because the researcher wants to
  6. The extent to which the experimental manipulation involves the participants in the research is called
  7. Researcher Franklin tests the limiting conditions of a previous finding by adding a new control condition to the design. Franklin’s experiment is a(n)
  8. Amalia conducted a study of how the media a”ects political affiliation. She showed participants a five-minute clip from CNN and then asked them to fill out a political ideology survey.
  9. Edward later conducted a similar study but had participants read an article from the Washington Post instead of watching a TV broadcast. Edward’s study is an example of a
  10. A researcher who studies the outcomes of prior experiments by statistically analyzing e”ect size measures is conducting a
  11. A baseline measure is
  12. Extraneous variables
  13. The absence of confounding variables assures
  14. Findings that do not generalize
  15. To determine whether a beneficial influence of therapy that has been found in a sample of women would also be found in a sample of men, the researcher will need to use which of the following?
  16. When the experimental manipulation creates the hoped-for changes in the conceptual variable, it is said to have
  17. A variable that produces an interaction of the relationship between two other variables such that the relationship between them is di”erent at di”erent levels of that variable is a
  18. An experiment that is conducted in situations that are similar to everyday life experiences is said to have which of the following?
  19. A disadvantage of using convenience samples, such as college students, is that
  20. Internal validity refers to , whereas external validity refers to .
  21. A threat to internal validity that refers to the fact that the researcher knows the research hypothesis and thus causes an invalid confirmation of the research hypothesis is known as
  22. In a matched-group research design, the participants are
  23. The primary goal of replication is to
  24. When a participant’s expectation about what e”ect an experimental manipulation is supposed to have influences the dependent measure independently of the actual e”ect of the manipulation, the change in the dependent measure is called
  25. The degree to which relationships among conceptual variables can be demonstrated in a wide variety of people and using a wide variety of manipulated or measured variables is known as which of the following?
  26. Which of the following best describes confound checks?
  27. The extent to which changes in the dependent variable can confidently be attributed to the influence of the independent variable is known as
  28. Experimental control refers to which of the following?
  29. Which of the following is NOT true regarding field experiments?
  30. Which of the following is true of an internal analysis?