NSG 6005 Week 6 Knowledge Check Quiz 2, PUD, GERD


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NSG 6005 Week 6 Knowledge Check 2, PUD, GERD

  1. Lifestyle changes are the first step in the treatment of GERD. A food that may aggravate GERD is:
  2. Jim presents w/ complaints of “heart burn” that is minimally relieved w/ Tums (calcium carbonate) and is diagnosed w/ GERD. An appropriate first step therapy would be:
  3. Josie is a five-year-old who presents to the clinic w/ a forty-eight-hour history of nausea, vomiting, and some diarrhea. She is unable to keep fluids down, and her weight is 4 pounds less than her last recorded weight. Besides intravenous (IV) fluids, her exam warrants the use of an antinausea medication. Which of the following would be the appropriate drug to order for Josie?
  4. Metoclopramide improves GERD symptoms by:
  5. Antacids treat GERD by nsg 6005 week 6 quiz
  6. Many patients self-medicate w/ antacids. Which patients should be counseled to not take calcium carbonate antacids w/out discussing w/ their providers or a pharmacist first?
  7. When using the “step-up” approach in caring for a patient w/ GERD, the “step up” from OTC antacid use is:
  8. If a patient w/ H. pylori positive PUD fails first-line therapy, the second-line treatment is:
  9. An acceptable first-line treatment for PUD disease w/ positive H. pylori test is:
  10. When treating a patient using the “step-down” approach, the patient w/ GERD is started on ____ first.nsg 6005 week 6 quiz