NSG 6005 Week 3 Knowledge Check Quiz 1 Answers


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NSG 6005 Week 3 Quiz – Knowledge Check 1

  1. Disease states in addition to hypertension in which beta blockade is a compelling indication for the use of beta blockers include:
  2. Patients who are being ….. for folate deficiency require monitoring of:
  3. A potentially life-threatening adverse response to ACE inhibitors is angioedema. Which of the following statements is true about this adverse response?
  4. The treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency is:
  5. Scott is presenting for follow-up on his lipid panel. He had elevated total cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, and an LDL of 122 mg/dL. He has already implemented diet changes and increased physical activity. He-has mildly elevated liver studies. An appropriate next step for therapy would be:
  6. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology have …..a classification system for heart failure that can be used to direct treatment. Patients with symptoms and underlying disease are classified as:
  7. ACE inhibitors are the drug of choice in treating hypertension in diabetic patients because they:
  8. Beta blockers treat hypertension because they nsg 6005 week 3 quiz
  9. At which stage/classification of hypertension should drug therapy be ….according to the JNC-7 Report?
  10. Despite good blood pressure control, a nurse practitioner might change a patient’s drug from an ACEI to an ARB because the ARB:
  11. Furosemide is ….to a treatment regimen for heart failure, which includes digoxin. Monitoring for this combination includes:
  12. Kyle has Crohn’s disease and has a documented folate deficiency. Drug therapy for folate deficiency anemia is:
  13. Heart failure is a chronic condition that can be adequately ….. in primary care. However, consultation with or referral to a cardiologist is appropriate when:
  14. Dulcea has type II diabetes and a high triglyceride level. She has gemfibrozil ……to treat her hypertriglyceridemia. A history of which of the following might contraindicate the use of this drug?
  15. An ACE inhibitor and what other class of drug may reduce proteinuria in patients with diabetes better than either drug alone?
  16. Art is a fifty-five-year-old smoker who has been ……with angina and placed on nitrates. He complains of headaches after using his nitrate. An appropriate reply might be:
  17. Digoxin has a very limited role in the treatment of heart failure. It is used mainly for patients with:
  18. Jose is a twelve-year-old overweight child with a total cholesterol level of 180 mg/dL and LDL of 125 mg/dL. Along with diet education and recommending increased physical activity, a treatment plan for Jose would include ____ with a reevaluation in six months nsg 6005 week 3 quiz
  19. In teaching about the use of sublingual nitroglycerine, the patient should be instructed:
  20. Which of the following classes of drugs is contraindicated in heart failure?nsg 6005 week 3 quiz