NR 554 Week 2 Discussion Question with Answers


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NR 554 Week 2 Discussion Question, Leading Change

Consider an educational or healthcare organization with which you are familiar. Analyze the organization with respect to its attitude toward change. Identify a healthcare policy that has been … this organization and determine the change model …. throughout the change process (if any). Include the history of the change in terms of how the issue was …., who the stakeholders were, and how the implementation and evaluation were ……

NR 554 Week 2 Discussion Question, Applied Change Implementation

Identify a socially visible healthcare issue that you would like to see developed into a healthcare policy. It can be an issue that you are aware of through the course textbook, literature, peers, or through experiences with other healthcare systems. What change strategy could be … present to leaders within your healthcare organization?


nr 554 week 2 discussion