NR 554 Week 3 Assignment and Discussion Questions


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NR 554 Week 3 Assignment, Teen Suicide Prevention

NR 554 Week 3 Discussion Question, Politics of Science Policy
Identify a current or previously funded National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) research study. And identify the area of ‘determination of need’ that this research study addresses. Identify the population that the findings of this research support. And list several potential outcomes and the policy that it would support. What are the key drivers of this issue?

NR 554 Week 3 Discussion Question, Building Research Locally- Supporting Research Nationally

Nursing leaders are often presented with problems and issues. Some that are departmental and organizationally …., and others that have wide national impact. Consider the different levels of challenge for the nursing leader that move from local to state to national health policy agenda. Consider one project, either one that is local OR one that has national implications, that created policy change and was … your organization. What are the greatest challenges on the project for the leader within the context of healthcare policy and use of evidence support?