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NR 554 Week 1 Discussion Question, Connecting Workplace Issues with Policy
New information based on policy decisions locally, regionally, and nationally is often presented to staff by nurse leaders. Identify a recent change at your current, or most recent, workplace that was policy …. Discuss the policy and how the change supported positive patient outcomes.

NR 554 Week 1 Discussion Question, Problem Identification for Public and Policy Decision Makers
Nursing leaders and bedside staff are often … with problems that affect their workflow and ability to deliver best practices to their patients. One example of a policy that has been adopted by many healthcare organizations to reduce confusion and improve efficiency in communication is the use of the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, & Recommendation) tool to ensure clear, concise, and effective communication between professions. Describe a situation or issue that you see within your work environment or local community related to a healthcare issue. And describe what you believe the solution would look like.

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