NR 305 Week 6 Course Project Milestone 2, Patient Teaching Plan


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NR 305 Week 6 Course Project Milestone 2, Patient Teaching PLan (03 Versions) – Year 2018

The purpose of this PowerPoint presentation is to apply information gathered from the Family Genetic History and Milestone 1 assignments to aid with identifying one modifiable risk factor and develop an evidence-based teaching plan that promotes health as well as improves patient outcomes.

Prepare a patient teaching plan for your participant based on the information you discovered in your previous assignments. Present your plan using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Title slide (first slide): Include a title slide with your name and title of the presentation.
  • Introduction/Identification (two to three slides): Introduce a modifiable risk factor (diet, smoking, activity, etc.) that will … the focus of your presentation.
  • Intervention (four to five slides): Choose one evidence-based intervention related to the modifiable risk factor chosen that … shown to be effective at reducing an individual’s risk for developing the preventable disease.
  • Evaluation (three to four slides): Describe at least one evaluation method that you would use to determine whether your intervention is effective. Outcome measurement is a crucial piece when implementing interventions.
  • Summary (one to two slides): Reiterate the main points of the presentation. Conclude with what you are hoping to accomplish as a result of implementing the chosen intervention.
  • References (last slide): List the references for sources that were cited in the presentation.
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