MGT 521 Week 5 Assignment, Leadership and Strategy (02 Papers)


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MGT 521 Week 5 Individual Assignment, Leadership and Strategy (Walmart and Starbucks)

Leaders can shape the organization by chosen styles of leadership and strategies. There are various theories that have been developed that are effective and not so effective.  Early theorist such as Abraham Maslow believed that people have five hierarchical in order of a pyramid, needs to become productive and make a business successful. If those needs are not meant then employees will not flourish and be satisfied with the position. (Mack, 2017).

The five leadership strategies are: laissez-faire does give direct supervision to employees and allows subordinates to work independently, autocratic leaders make the decisions without …………………..Continued (11 Pages with References)

MGT 521 Week 5 Individual Assignment, Leadership and Strategy (Apple and Goldman Sachs)

The leadership theory that I most believe in is the Trait Theory. This paper will discuss two companies; one that exemplifies the Trait Theory and the other that is in direct contrast to this leadership theory. It will also analyze how each leadership style may affect the company’s performance and alignment to its values. Then, it will analyze which leadership style I am most aligned to and how I would practice this leadership style in my current work environment………………Continued (07 Pages with References)

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