MGT 521 Week 6 Assignment, Balanced Scorecard Module Paper 2


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MGT 521 Week 6 Assignment, Balanced Scorecard Module (Wal-Mart, Whole Food, Verizon)

A balanced scorecard allows a company, stakeholders, and consumers to see an overview of how the company is performing.  It also allows you to compare metrics year to year.  These opportunities allow companies the chance to see how well they are doing but also what they improve upon.  The scorecard below looks at three different companies.  The first two being nationally known grocery store chains, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market and the third being a completely unrelated company, Verizon Wireless.

            There are four key parts to every balanced scorecard which are, “ (1) customer satisfaction,(2) internal processes,(3) innovation and improvement activities, and (4) financial measures” (Kinicki& Williams, 2016).  The metrics for each company will be a little different even for the two similar companies…………………..Continued (05 Pages with References) 

mgt 521 week 6mgt 521 week 6