MGT 521 Week 4 Assignment, Operational Tactics & Strategic Goal Paper


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MGT 521 Week 4 Assignment, Operational Tactics and Strategic Goals Summary

TradeLogic International is experiencing low employee morale and a decrease in productivity. After performing a SWOT analysis on the organization, I have developed a one year plan to boost employee morale, improve employee involvement, build teams and promote teamwork, and allow the company to grow. By implementing this plan, TradeLogic can maintain competitive edge and increase revenue.

The SWOT analysis shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats used to create this plan. From the SWOT analysis I determined what factors to focus on to allow growth within the company, and how to use the current company strengths to boost morale. Since TradeLogic is a small firm among many other, larger firms it is important to keep our competitive edge………………….Continued (06 Pages with References)

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