JUS 531 Week 1 Assignment 1 and 2, Discussion Question – Complete


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JUS 531 Week 1 Assignment 1, Judicial Review

Define judicial review. Discuss in 750-1,000 words how the courts interpret this concept and how it has evolved. Discuss whether you think judicial review, as it is interpreted by the courts today, gives too much power to the judicial branch, is too limited in its scope, or strikes the right balance. Give your opinion as to whether you think it should be expanded or limited. A minimum of two to three resources are ……for this assignment.

JUS 531 Week 1 Assignment 2, The Role of the Judicial System in the United States

Write an essay of 250-500-words that discusses the role of the judicial system in the United States today. Discuss the historical context of the judicial system and whether you think our founding fathers contemplated the role the judicial system would have in modern times. A minimum of one resource is ……for this assignment.

JUS 531 Week 1 Discussion 1

Explain checks and balances and how that applies to judicial review. Do you think judicial review gives the judicial branch more power than the other branches of government? Why or why not?

JUS 531 Week 1 Discussion 2

Compare and contrast the viewpoint of the Federalists with that of Jefferson’s view of the power of the federal courts.jus 531 week 1