JUS 531 Week 5 Assignment 1 and 2, Discussion – Complete


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JUS 531 Week 5 Assignment 1, Censorship

Write an essay of 500-750 words that explains when censorship is acceptable under case law. Be sure to define censorship and use case law to support your position. A minimum of one to two resources are ……for this assignment.

JUS 531 Week 5 Assignment 2, Freedom of Speech

Write an essay of 750-1000 words that reviews the time, place and manner restrictions on freedom of speech.

Define what time, place and manner restrictions are under the law.

Review the cases Hill v. Colorado530 U.S. 703 (2000) and Lee v. International Society of Krishna Consciousness, 505 U.S. 830 (1992). What do these cases reflect concerning time, place and manner restrictions as interpreted by the Supreme Court?

Determine whether Hill and Lee are still considered valid case law.

Consider whether the Supreme Court rulings in Hill and Lee seem like appropriate interpretations of Constitutional limits of free speech.

A minimum of three resources is required for this assignment.

JUS 531 Week 5 Discussion Question 1

Do you think the language of the statute that the Supreme Court was interpreting in the Schenk case would be considered valid today? Would the language in The Espionage Act of 1917 pass the clear and present danger test today?

JUS 531 Week 5 Discussion Question 2

Why do you think the Supreme Court extended some of the protections of the Bill of Rights to the states through the 14th Amendment, but not others? Why should the Court be selective?jus 531 week 5