JUS 531 Week 3 Assignment, Discussion 1 and 2 – Complete


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JUS 531 Week 3 Assignment, U.S. Citizenship Presentation

You have been invited to give a presentation to a group of immigrants who are about to be granted U.S. citizenship. You have been …..to explain the rights of the states as compared to the rights of the federal government.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that discusses this topic so that this group will understand the distinction. Refer to some of the cases included in this section and cite them appropriately. Text is …..to no more than 5 lines per slide and 5 words per bulleted item.

Presentations should include the following:

Ten to twelve slides, appropriate for the audience, with detailed speaker notes that explain the key points listed on the slide.

Appropriate use of visual aids and elegant graphics.

Appropriate use of font sizes.

Major points clearly stated, supported by specific details, examples, or analysis, and organized logically.

JUS 531 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

Do the opinions of the Supreme Court give too much power to the federal government, too little power, or about the right amount? Give examples from Supreme Court cases to support your position.

JUS 531 Week 3 Discussion Question 2

What is the significance of the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of McCulloch v. Maryland?jus 531 week 3