HSM 435 Week 2 Assignment, Terrorism and the Media, Discussion


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HSM 435 Week 2 Assignment, Terrorism and the Media

Throughout the 21st century we have seen an increased amount of media coverage on almost every topic that this world possesses. This has been …….through the invention of social media on top of conventional media outlets. This has led to increased media broadcasting of terrorist activities in their successes. Which at times may impact the psychological being of victims, recovery teams, first responders, and the general population. Although some may believe that terrorist activity that is broadcast via media outlets should be limited to reduce the potential impact on victims and not victims. This act will be directly in contrast of our Second Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of information……………..Continued (06 Pages with References)

HSM 435 Week 2 Discussion 1, Prolonged or Isolated Terrorist Attack

Explain how prolonged terrorist attacks, such as Hamas regularly launching rockets aimed at Israeli civilians, affects individuals as opposed to the affect of isolated terrorist attacks. Which is more difficult for the individual – ….terrorist attacks or ….attacks ? Explain why

HSM 435 Week 2 Discussion 2, Children and Terrorism

Describe at least three factors that influence whether or not children are ……by terrorism. Do you think terrorism has a significant impact on children? Explain why.hsm 435 week 2