HSM 435 Week 1 Discussion Question, Quiz


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HSM 435 Week 1 Discussion 1, Cyber Terrorist

Explain the impact of a cyber-terrorism attack on (a) an individual, (b) the United States, and (c) international community. Explain how such an attack would affect these three groups differently. Address cyber-terrorism which destroys electronic banking information, destroys or prevents electronic commerce (e.g., the Stock Market), or causes failures in critical infrastructures, such as safeguards at power plants failing, resulting in mass power blackouts. Discuss whether or not you think cyber-terrorism must be waged by an actual terrorist group, or if a 20-year-old college student who is proficient in computers can also perform cyber-terrorism. Why or why not?

HSM 435 Week 1 Discussion 2, Suicide Attacks

Identify two psychological symptoms victims and first responders sustain from suicide terrorist attacks. Explain why you think suicide attacks are or are not an effective means of terrorism.

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