HSM 435 Week 4 Assignment (02), Discussion Question


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HSM 435 Week 4 Assignment, Local and Federal Disaster Resources – Pascagoula

There comes a time when small cities realize that they need to establish a plan of mitigation to multiple hazards that may one day face the city. This has never been truer than right here in the city of Pascagoula where it has been faced with three historic hurricanes, all of which are listed in the top 10 most devastating hurricanes of all time. The city of Pascagoula’s plan was initially prepared in 2000 to ensure eligibility for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s pre-disaster grant program. The city followed the planning process as outlined by FEMA. This was compromised of city stakeholders, key representatives, and local officials. The city’s plan evaluates several vulnerabilities in dealing with natural disasters to include thing such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires……………..Continued (07 Pages with References)

HSM 435 Week 4 Assignment 2, Local and federal Disaster Resources – Sierra Vista, AZ

Due to the unpredictable nature and timing of terror attacks or a catastrophic event, it becomes …..that the emergency management personnel be ….and ready to assume the essential tasks of preserving life and composite risk management. While the arid temperatures and locality of the city of Sierra Vista provides them with a limited exposure to natural disasters, the presence of Fort Huachuca and the United States Army Center of Excellence (USAICoE) does make them a target for terror organizations. This is not to say that natural disasters do not pose a threat to Sierra Vista. The largest threat to the city as it stands is that of flooding and flash flooding, flood very rapidly. Regardless of what event drives the need………..Continued (06 Pages with References)


HSM 435 Week 4 Discussion 1, Project Liberty

Explain how Project Liberty met the needs of the community and the outreach initiatives they conducted. Explain why you do or do not think Project Liberty was successful.

HSM 435 Week 4 Discussion 2, My State’s Disaster Resources

Go to your state’s official government web page (e.g., www.texas.gov or www.ca.gov). Locate at least two resources on the site available to victims of terrorist attacks or natural disasters addressing mental health, trauma, or coping. 

a. Explain where you found these resources on the site. (Does the state have an easy to find “Disaster Assistance for Victims” tab on the front page of the site. Or did you have to do some research to locate the services?) 

b. Explain the resources that are available (victim crisis hotline, monthly trauma meeting, mental health literature to review, etc.) and how a victim would utilize these services. (Does the victim contact their state Representative, contact the Governor’s office, contact a specific state agency, etc.?) 

c. Explain whether or not you think the resources offered by your state would actually be helpful to victims and why. If you cannot find any resources for victims of a terrorist attack or natural disaster on your state’s homepage. Describe two services that address mental health, trauma, or coping you think would be beneficial to victims and why. Explain how you think victims should be able to utilize these services and where they should be advertised for maximum exposure. hsm 435 week 4

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