HLT 306V Topic 5 Quiz with Answers – Set 1


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HLT 306V Topic 5 Quiz

  1. What is the_ purpose of informed consent? 
  2. CAM is:
  3. What should the_ patient’s condition be to give informed consent?  
  4. Which of the_ following ethical the_ories means “do no harm”?
  5. What is the_ goal of patient education of the_ elderly?
  6. Which of the_ following is a barrier to the education of the_ elderly?
  7. When a patient receives a terminal diagnosis what are some of the  stages he will experience?
  8. What are values?
  9. Teaching aids should be used
  10. What is “ageism” in healthcare?
  11. The definition of negotiation as it applies to patient education is:
  12. What is the one thing terminal patients find most difficult?
  13. How is it possible to integrate CAM and conventional medicine?
  14. Illiteracy is:
  15. Activity/passivity is usually used in patient education under such circumstances as