HLT 306V Advanced Patient Care Week 1 to 5 – Entire Course


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HLT 306V Week 1 Topic 1 Assignment Homework, Patient Compliance and Patient Education

HLT 306V Topic 1 Discussion Question 1: Alma Faulkenberger is an 85-year-old female outpatient sitting in the waiting room awaiting an invasive pelvic procedure. The health care professional who will assist in her procedure enters the room and calls “Alma.” There is no reply so the professional retreats to the work area. Fifteen minutes later the professional returns and calls “Alma Frankenberg.” Still no reply, so he leaves again. Another 15 minutes pass and the professional approaches Alma and shouts in her ear, “Are you Alma Frankenberg?” She replies, “No I am not, and I am not deaf either, and when you get my name correct I will answer you.”

Using the topic 1 materials, develop a plan to help Alma be compliant with the procedure and post-treatment medication. Also, describe the approach you would take to patient education in this case.

HLT 306V Topic 1 Discussion Question 2: How would you use collaboration to assist in compliance with a patient as difficult as Alma?

HLT-306V Week 2 Topic 2 Assignment 2, Stages of Life Essay and Interview
HLT306V Week 2 Topic 2 Assignment 1 Homework, Psychosocial Factors and Patient Education

HLT 306V Topic 2 Discussion Question 1: Sister Mary is a patient in Level 2 Emergency Department. She must have a neural examination, physical assessment, radiographs of her facial bones. And a computed tomography scan of the head. Taking into consideration that she is a Roman Catholic nun. What would be the ideal course of patient education as this woman progresses from department to department?

HLT 306 Topic 2 Discussion Question 2: What possible reservations could a health care professional have in working with Sister Mary? (Discuss the psychosocial responses the professional might have.)

HLT-306V Week 3 Topic 3 Assignment, Homework, Multicultural Patient Education and Communication

HLT 306 Topic 3 Discussion Question 1: Discuss a patient of another culture. How can the health care professional communicate in presenting patient education? Consider language, family, cultural differences, and method of communication.

HLT 306 Topic 3 Discussion Question 2: Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.

HLT306V Week 4 Topic 4 Assignment 1 Homework, Influence of Patient Education in Healthcare
HLT-306V Week 4 Topic 4 Assignment 2, Older Adults Patient Education Issues Essay and Interview

HLT306V Topic 4 Discussion Question 1: How has the patient’s control over his own health care changed?

HLT 306 Topic 4 Discussion Question 2: What part does negotiation play in patient education?

HLT 306V Week 5 Topic 5 Assignment , Homework, CAM, Patient Education Ethics and Informed Consent

HLT306V Topic 5 Discussion Question 1: Using the NIH website, how would you describe CAM and the typical person who uses CAM?

HLT 306 Topic 5 Discussion Question 2: What are the percentages of people using CAM with prayer and those who do not?hlt 306v Entire course