HLT 302 Week 8 Assignment Benchmark Spiritual Needs Assessment


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HLT 302 Week 8 Assignment Benchmark Spiritual Needs Assessment

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In times of stress, people often do not realize the impact it has on them from a spirituality perspective. A stressful and traumatic experience can alter or change how a person reacts to certain situations. It also handles the feelings or emotions that develop during. The interview was conducted on July 15, 2020. In examining the interview one can see how the interviewee’s stressful health experience has impacted her spiritual needs. Early on, during the first initial questions of the interview, the interviewee delineated her position on how she believed her strength and motivation derived from within. Yet, when questioned about the utilization and frequency of prayer in her daily activity. The interviewee acknowledge that prayer had become a significant part of her life after her health experience. Expounding how although she sees herself as highly self-motivated, God is the source of her inner strength and will to endure life’s obstacles and challenges. Additionally, the interviewee discussed how as a health care administrator herself, her negative experience with care and treatment has impacted her desire to ensure her facility is delivering quality care to its patients.

As delineated through this course, spirituality plays a significant role in the health and wellness of people. The shift in societal demographics has health care providers increasingly caring for patients of varying ethnicities and spiritual beliefs. It is imperative that as health care professionals, staff recognize the critical need for understanding culturally diverse values, beliefs, and experiences while trying to assess ………. (Download the File to Continue Reading)