HLT 302 Week 2 Assignment Personal Worldwide Inventory


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HLT 302 Week 2 Assignment Personal Worldwide Inventory

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Everyone has a worldview. They are the rules and values set by ourselves to shape the way we choose to live. They are an important part of people’s lives that shape their entire view on life. It also determines how they react to life’s events. I have always been brought up in a Christian home and surrounded by God-loving people in my life. I have gone through several life experiences. The experiences that have forced me to whole-heartedly depend on Jesus. Hence, depending on him as my rock that has potentially made my faith grow deeper. I live out a Christian worldview that helps me view the world how Jesus would and helps me respond in rational ways. I base my worldwide off of the presuppositions, assumptions, and beliefs that I have in order to fully live out of my worldview.

It is my belief that God is the only God there is and He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that there is no other way to come to Jesus but through the Father (John 14:6). I believe that the Bible is God’s word and the way He speaks to us in order for us to follow His teachings and learn from biblical passages. My worldview relies on God’s word as the truth and allows me to turn to it when I need it the most.  ………. (Download the File to Continue Reading)