HLT 302 Week 4 Assignment 2 Human Experience and Illness


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HLT 302 Week 4 Assignment 2 Human Experience and Illness

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Although Ivan Ilych’s life was one of prominence, he did not believe in any spiritual beings. Also, he did not have any healthy relationships with his family. When it came to his last moments of life, he reflects on the fact that he only had artificial relationships with his family members and servants. Ivan llynch had no proper healing environment.. The reason for that was because his family treated his time of dying as just a mere illness. Because of Ivan Ilych’s choices, he lived a prominent life of the seen world instead of the unseen. This paper will reflect different healing environments, discuss the seen and unseen environments. It will also discuss the phenomenology of illness and disease, and present person accounts of illness and disease.

Ivan Ilych lived in his seen environment which consisted of his bedroom and living room and the servant in which provided him care. He had an intense amount of hatred towards his wife for many years, which resulted in the fact that his wife did not care for him at his end moments. Seen environments focus on the physical environment of a person. The environment is able to be heard, weighed, smelt, felt, tasted, and analyzed (Shelly & Miller, 2006). In order for a person to heal and feel comfortable, they have to have an adequate healing environment. When creating a good seen healing environment many things can be considered (i.e. noise control, soothing colors, warm meals, calm voices, soft beds, etc.) Psychical aspects and natural science is  ………… (Download the File to Continue Reading)