ESL 433N Week 8 Assignment, Academic Vocabulary, Discussion


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ESL 433N Week 8 Assignment, Academic Vocabulary Strategies

Based on the strategies that you learned about in this course and your required readings, write a 250-word reflection about how you would integrate academic vocabulary in the content areas. Choose one strategy and explain how you would incorporate academic vocabulary throughout the school day in multiple ways. What resources would you need to best facilitate this strategy?

ESL 433N Week 8 Discussion Question 1

From your required reading in Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities, identify three factors that you would like to refine and describe how you would accomplish this.

ESL 433N Week 8 Discussion Question 2

Review the virtual ESL classroom by clicking on the resource link in the topic materials. Explore the learning environment and observe the lesson. What SEI strategies were applied to the teaching of this content?esl 433n week 8