ESL 433N Discussion Question Week 1 to 8


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ESL 433N Discussion Question 1 Week 1

According to Jim Cummins, social language (BICS) takes 1-3 years while academic language (CALP) is more difficult and takes 5-8 years to develop. Describe the differences between BICS and CALP.  How can teachers help English language learners develop academic language?

ESL433N Week 1 Discussion Question 2

What are some of the greatest barriers preventing our schools from meeting the educational goals for ELL students today? Consider efforts that promote and/or suppress dual language or two-way bilingual initiatives and programs. What recommendations are ….. in your readings that address those barriers? Who do you see as potential change agents for implementing those recommendations?

ESL433N Week 2 Discussion Question 1

What are some individual and sociocultural factors that may affect ELL students? How might these factors affect their success in meeting learning goals in the classroom setting?

ESL 433N Discussion Question 2 Week 2

What are some of the potential effects of bilingualism and home language use for a student attending classes that are delivered in English? How might these effects differ based on the age of the student?

ESL433N Week 3 Discussion Question 1

How is standardized assessment beneficial for ELLs in terms of placement, progress, and exiting ELL programs? How should teachers use this data to plan their instruction?

ESL 433N Discussion Question 2 Week 3

What are some reasons why ELL instructors would differentiate instruction in their classrooms? List and explain at least four reasons.

ESL433N Week 4 Discussion Question 1

After reading chapter 17 in 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners, choose a curriculum area and a grade level you hope to teach. Using the steps listed in the text regarding the implementation of sorting activities, explain how you would use these sorting activities to teach language.

ESL 433N Discussion Question 2 Week 4

In Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities, cognitive, metacognitive, and language learning strategies are reviewed. Choose one strategy from each you would utilize to teach vocabulary.  Explain why each strategy would be effective for an English language learner.

ESL433N Week 5 Discussion Question 1

If you were teaching a learning strategy to students with intermediate English proficiency, what specific guidelines would be critical for you to consider when planning the lesson?

ESL 433N Week 5 Discussion Question 2

A teacher starts the beginning of the school year with 25 sixth graders, all of whom are proficient in the English language. By the fourth month of school, Josefina joins the classroom. She has just entered the United States and does not speak a word of English. How does this teacher modify her lessons for this student? How-does the teacher make Josefina feel comfortable in the established classroom culture? How can the teacher make other students feel comfortable within the classroom.

ESL433N Week 6 Discussion Question 1

Provide an example of a project, assignment, or in-class activity that could be used as a means of employing multiple assessments of ELLs. Why are multiple assessments important?

ESL 433N Week 6 Discussion Question 2

How will you implement formative assessment in your classroom to support the Common Core State Standards and the ongoing, formative assessment of ELL students?

ESL433N Week 7 Discussion Question 1

Identify two examples of instructional differentiation for students with emerging English skills or expanding or advanced English skills.

ESL 433N Week 7 Discussion Question 2

What can a teacher do if the textbook is not comprehensible to the students in his or her classroom? List and describe at least two strategies.

ESL433N Week 8 Discussion Question 1

From your required reading in Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities, identify three factors that you would like to refine and describe how you would accomplish this.

ESL 433N Week 8 Discussion Question 2

Review the virtual ESL classroom by clicking on the resource link in the topic materials. Explore the learning environment and observe the lesson. What SEI strategies were applied to the teaching of this content?esl 433n discussion question