ESL 433N Week 6 Assignment 1 and 2, Discussion Question


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ESL 433N Week 6 Assignment 1, ELL Instructor Interview

Interview an ELL instructor from a Title I school about how assessment is ….for placement. You may interview one of the instructors that you have observed during your observations for this course. Inquire also about how placement is …..for both special education and gifted ELLs. Your questions might include the following:

  1. What are the indicators of exceptionality a classroom teacher should look for when a student also has a language barrier?
  2. How can informal as well as formal assessment results factor into placement?
  3. What role do parents and teachers have in placement?
  4. What are some primary factors that are ….in underachievement that may not necessarily signal special education needs?
  5. How are changes among individual ELL proficiency levels over the course of the school year accounted for?
  6. How are diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments integrated for ELLs in mainstream classrooms?
  7. What are the benefits of the SIOP protocol for native English speakers as well as those for whom English is an additional language?

Consolidate your findings in a 750-word essay, supporting your findings with at least three current sources from your readings and the GCU Library to support your reasoning.

ESL 433N Week 6 Assignment 2, Evaluating and Selecting Assessments

Table 1 in the Smith article describes concepts, principles, and checklist items that can be used to evaluate assessments.

Select two of the checklist items you think are important when evaluating assessments for ELL students. In a 500-word essay describe those items within a brief summary of the article to defend why you believe the two items are of particular importance. Include at least three sources from your reading to support your position.

ESL 433N Week 6 Discussion Question 1

Provide an example of a project, assignment, or in-class activity that could be ……as a means of employing multiple assessments of ELLs. Why are multiple assessments important?

ESL 433N Week 6 Discussion Question 2

How will you implement formative assessment in your classroom to support the Common Core State Standards and the ongoing, formative assessment of ELL students?esl 433n week 6