ECO 561 Week 6 Assignment, Foreign Expansion Challenges (Coca-Cola)


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ECO 561 Week 6 Individual Assignment, Foreign Expansion Challenges (Coca-Cola)

Many challenges and problems can occur when a business is expanding into a foreign land.  While some of these challenges can be broken down into business-related issues. They can be ……into economic, political, social and environmental problems. When these factors are …..consideration, they in many cases affect the market performance of the business in that region leading to a loss of dominance. The most common factors can include the barriers to entry, the market conditions, the expansion challenges, the stability of the country politically, the availability of government financing, the incentives offered by the government, threats of market controls and the rivalry in that foreign market. Some countries also have closed market economies, which make it difficult for these businesses to survive in these markets……………….Continued (14 Pages with References)eco 561 week 6