ECO 561 Week 3 Research Analysis for Business (Coca-cola)


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ECO 561 Week 3 Individual Assignment, Research Analysis for Business (Coca-cola)

As a consultant for Coca-Cola Company, it is evident that the company needs advice on improvements to its operations. Although the company is the leading regarding sales of soft drinks, the business is under threat of changing consumer tastes and preferences. Consumers are now moving to more health-conscious products. Hence affecting Coca-Cola products that have been labeled as having too much sugar. These changes are a major concern for the stakeholders in the company. These needs to be … ensure that the company operates through profitability over time. While the company has been ……as a leader among the soft drink players, accusations of price fixing, focus on profitability more than ethics, misleading advertisements and monopolistic competition have been common…………………..Continued (6 Pages with References)eco 561 week 3