ECO 561 Week 1 Influence of Economic on Household Decision


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ECO 561 Week 1 Individual Assignment, Household Economic Decision

Across the world, and within every family home, there are daily decisions being …..when deciding on large purchases.  When making these purchases, there really needs to be a grounded process. By which these decisions must follow in order to ensure all of the family’s bases are covered.  In this author’s opinion, it comes down to two focused decision points. What are the microeconomics / local economy, and how does it affect the macroeconomics, taking in consideration the national trends. Essentially there is nothing more satisfied than when a grounded decision is …..and has utilized both methods of economics to get to that point.  Within this paper, it will be … the microeconomics and macroeconomics…………………Continued (8 Pages with References)eco 561 week 1