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ECH 435 Topic 6 Assignment, Portfolio and Narrative

Design a portfolio (digital or paper) for a Pre-K-3rd grade student to demonstrate the student’s progress or mastery of academic, social/behavioral, communication, and motor skills.

Include sections or dividers for each of these areas with three samples of student work and related teacher-designed assessments.

Write a narrative of 500-750 words to describe the portfolio, how and why the samples were chosen, and how progress was measured on each.

ECH 435 Topic 6 Discussion Question 1

Refer to the Progress Monitoring on the Center on Response to Intervention. Why would this website be beneficial for a new teacher? How could you use it in your future classroom?

ECH435 Topic 6 Discussion Question 2

What is your stance on the use of report cards for reporting progress with young children? How would you suggest report cards be … be more compatible with current trends in curriculum and instruction?ech 435 topic 6