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ECH 435 Topic 2 Assignment, Assessment Practices Birth-Pre-K and K-3

Using the readings, design a comparison chart that outlines the assessments for Birth-Pre-K and K-3 children. Be sure to address:

  1. At least three types of assessment.
  2. Whether each assessment is formal or informal.
  3. The use of each assessment (e.g., instruction, strategies, diagnosis of disability).
  4. In what settings each assessment could be considered valid.
  5. The importance of evaluating growth and development.
  6. The accurate reporting of student progress.
  7. How measurements and evaluations are ….for each assessment.

ECH 435 Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

What is the role of the regular education teacher in the special education referral and evaluation process? Why is it important to have a regular education teacher on the team?

ECH435 Topic 2 Discussion Question 2

Examine two developmental tests for young children discussed in chapter 2 of the text. Describe the similarities and differences between the two assessments.ech 435 topic 2