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ECH 435 Topic 5 Assignment, Collaborative Learning Community Informal Measures Project

This is a CLC assignment.

Review the Arizona Early Learning Standards for three- to five-year-olds.

As a group, chose one of the eight standards as your focus: Social emotional, approaches to learning, language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, physical development/health/safety, or fine arts.

Choose the strand and concept within the chosen standard your group is going to use.

As a group you are to create a checklist, a rating scale, and a rubric. Each of the three assessments must measure all of the indicators for the chosen concept.

Use 3-5 scholarly resources.

ECH 435 Topic 5 Discussion Question 1

Describe some ways that standardized tests for young children can be improved. Respond to posts by two classmates.

ECH435 Topic 5 Discussion Question 2

Explain your position on the use of developmental checklists in early childhood programs. Support your answer with at least three examples from the readings.ech 435 topic 5