NR 501 Week 4 Assignment, Concept Analysis (03 Versions)


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NR 501 Week 4 Assignment, Concept Analysis 1 (Self-Care)

A concept analysis is utilized to recognize and define concepts that help describe a phenomena (McEwen, & Wills, 2014). Through this process the development of conceptual frameworks, theories, and research studies are identified (McEwen & Wills, 2014). A concept analysis helps explore and analyse overused and vague concepts by clarifying their purpose(Wagman, Håkansson, & Björklund, 2012). The use of a concept analysis in formating theories, has helped nurses understand the foundation of nursing. The selected concept of interest is self-care which is better … Orem’s Self-Care Nursing Theory. Throughout this paper, the definition of the concept of self-care will be …..and a literature review of this concept will be discussed. I will also define the attributes, antecedents, and consequences of self-care, along with two empirical referents…………………….Continued (11 Pages with References)

NR 501 Week 4 Assignment, Concept Analysis 2 (Self Awareness)

Self-awareness is a highly ….attribute in the nursing profession. However, its benefits and concept of understanding needs to be explored. With supported guidance of a nursing theory, Rogers’ Patient-Centered Theory, self-awareness can be explained and applied to nursing practice.  The purpose of this concept analysis is to explore the meaning of self-awareness and to promote understanding of how its importance applies in the nursing profession. Through the discussion of the definition, literature reviews, defining attributes, evaluation of an antecedent and a consequence, construct cases and theoretical analysis it will be easy to understanding why self-awareness is such an important attribute………………Continued (9 Pages with References)

NR 501 Week 4 Assignment Concept Analysis 3 (Ambient Noise)

A concept is a formulation of an idea that is a manifestation of incidences or a set of concerns. According to Webster’s dictionary (1999), a concept is “A generalized idea ….from particular occurrences or instances”. McEwen and Wills (2011) describe a concept as a phenomenon that occurs in thought. Throughout the years nursing as a profession, has established concepts into theories. In terms of concepts with regards to nursing, a concept is more than just a concept. Since it has a realistic attachment, which is the client that is being …for. The philosophy of concepts has never been so important, it helps improve the working conditions of the profession by way of performance and therefore improves the quality of care clients receive……….Continued (10 Pages with References)nr 501 week 4 assignment