NR 501 Week 6 Assignment, Application of Nursing Theory (03 Versions)


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NR 501 Week 6 Assignment, Application of Nursing Theory 2 (Watson’s Theory of Human Caring)

Nursing and its practice are led by theoretical concepts that provide a guide to nursing actions and foster systematic thinking (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Theory helps provide direction and structure throughout the nursing profession. The use of theory helps identify needs of patients which results in improved patient outcomes.A theory that is crucial to this profession is Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. Watson’s theory focuses on person-centered care, meaning having a wholeness of mind, body, and soul (Pajnkihar, McKenna, Štiglic, & Vrbnjak, 2017). The importance of theory to the nursing profession and the master’s program will be discussed in further detail, along with Watson’s theory and the impact it has on the advanced clinical setting……………..Continued (8 Pages with References)

NR 501 Week 6 Assignment, Application of Nursing Theory 3 (Patient Centered Nursing Framework)

Theory is an important application in the nursing profession; it is the driving force of evidence-based practice. Applying theory into the specialty of Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) severs to guide and evaluate nursing care, confirm of health importance, establish principles to gauge quality of life and collaborate with other healthcare professionals in developing and planning patient care (Arora, 2015). Nursing theory helps to provide assistance in deciphering issues and concerns, including, providing guidance and support in nursing practice. By incorporating the Patient-Centered Nursing (PCN) Framework into nursing practice, the patient is at the center of their care. The value seen in this model is the patient’s wishes can be ….during their healthcare journey. This paper will convey an overview of the selected model, appraisal of the model as a nursing theory and appraisal of the model to advanced practice nursing……………Continued (6 Pages with References)

NR 501 Week 6 Assignment, Application of Nursing Theory 1(Nursing Staff Problem)

Nursing theories offer a conceptual basis for nursing practice. Theories are formed from deductive and inductive reasoning and provide an infrastructure designed to support nursing practice. Support quality patient care and outcomes and are composed of concepts, definitions, model and propositions. Challenging nursing situations can be … applying nursing theory through research and education. Jean Watson’s theory of human caring can be ……to practice problems with beneficial outcomes. These impact of these theories must be examined to determine the effect on nurse staffing in a hospital or acute setting…………………Continued (9 Pages with References)nr 501 week 6 assignment