NR 501 Week 2 Assignment, Importance of Theory (02 Versions)


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NR 501 Week 2 Assignment, Importance of Theory Paper 1

Nursing theory is the foundation of nursing knowledge and defines the scientific basis for the nursing profession (Iskandarani, Al Hammadi, & Al Gizani, 2012). Without theories the nursing profession …..a set of skills or taught trade. Florence Nightingale established theories in nursing early on. But it wasn’t until later in the 1960-1970’s when they were introduced to the nursing profession (Jacobson, 2017). These nursing theories provide a strong foundation for the profession to help guide nurses in the delivery of care, critical thinking, and decision making while also promoting holistic patient-centered care (Iskandarani, Al Hammadi, & Al Gizani, 2012). Jean Watson described caring as the essential concept in nursing and her theory of human caring stressed the humanity of nursing (Pajnkihar, McKenna, Štiglic, &Vrbnjak, 2017). This paper will explain the importance of theory to the nursing profession…………………Continued (8 Pages with References)

NR 501 Week 2 Assignment, Importance of Theory Paper 2

Theofanidis and Fountouki(2008) state that. in order to practice competent nursing, nurses have to combine knowledge already generated from many other disciplines, as well as solid and rigorous facts from the nursing profession. As a professional,nursing theory is not just about the practical aspects of the labor that is …..that is imperative. It is also the theoretical knowledge that will strengthen the practice. I researched and selected Dorothea Orem’s Self- Care Deficit Theory of Nursing for its importance to my professional practice. Which I am most familiar and clinically comfortable. The purpose of this assignment is to determine why nursing theory is important. Identify with a nursing theory, and how the theory defines and explains the leadership skills with the specialty track……Continued ( 6 Pages with References)nr 501 week 2 assignment