BUS 402 Week 10 Quiz Chapter 18 (35 out of 35 points)


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BUS 402 Week 10 Quiz

  1. Independent contractors who provide specialized business services or support from a distance, through different methods of communication are known as:
  2. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1886 is applicable to:
  3. A(n) __________ defines and discusses all the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to fill a
  4. A small company selling handmade items online and having only five total employees, including the owner, would not be subject to which of the following laws?
  5. Employee referral
  6. The match between the needs, expectations, and culture of the small business with the expectations and the skills of the individual employee is called:
  7. Which of the following federal employment laws requires the payment of same wages to males and females for work requiring equal skill, effort, and responsibility in similar working conditions?
  8. __________ refers to the trial period in which an employee has temporary status before a formal offer to work full time is presented.
  9. Which of the following laws requires payment to most hourly employees of minimum wage and time and a half for overtime hours?
  10. Which of the following options is an example of a typical behaviorally-based interview question?