BUS 311 Business Law 1 All Assignment, Discussion, Quiz


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BUS 311 Week 1

Discussion 1, Applying the Law to a Set of Facts

Discussion 2, Tort or Crime

Week 1 Quiz (Questions and Answers)

BUS 311 Week 2

Assignment, Critical Analysis Paper

Discussion 1, Elements of a Contract

Discussion 2, The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

BUS 311 Week 2 Quiz (Two Sets)

BUS311 Week 3

Final Paper Outline

Journal Your Experiences

Discussion 1, Employment-at Will

Discussion 2, A Principal’s Responsibility for the Actions of Their Agent

Week 3 Quiz (Two Sets)

BUS311 Week 4

Discussion 1, Real, Intellectual, and Personal Property

Discussion 2, Business Ethics

Journal, Business Ethics

Multimedia Activity – Business Organization

Week 4 Quiz (Two Sets)

BUS311 Week 5

Final Paper (Two Papers)

Discussion 1, Intellectual Property and Technology

Discussion 2, The Global Marketplace

Week 5 Quiz (Questions and Answers)