BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools


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BUS 600 Week 1

Assignment, Impact of Globalization and Outsourcing on Businesses

Assignment, Vision Statement

Discussion 1, Importance of Communication

Discussion 2, Ashford Learning Resources

BUS 600 Week 2

Assignment, International and Intercultural Communication

Assignment, Topic Thesis Statement for Research Paper

Discussion 1, Reducing Communications Barriers

Discussion 2, Intercultural Communications Competence

BUS600 Week 3

Assignment, Communication Skill Assessment (02 Papers)

Discussion 1, Technology and Communications

Discussion 2, Visual Presentations

BUS600 Week 4

Discussion 1, Internal Communications

Discussion 2, Listening

BUS-600 Week 5

Assignment, The Impact of Workplace Bullying

Assignment, News Article

Discussion 1, Conflict

Discussion 2, Ethical Behavior

BUS600 Week 6

Final Research Paper, Organizational Communication Research Paper

Discussion 1, Group Communicationbus 600 entire course