BUS 375 Employee Training Week 1 to 5 – Entire Course


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BUS 375 Week 1

Assignment, Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory

Discussions 1, Views of Human Resource Development

Discussion 2, Explicit, Implicit and Tacit Knowledge

BUS 375 Week 2

Assignment, Using Performance Appraisals

Discussion 1, Training Needs Analysis

Discussion 2, S.M.A.R.T. Goals

BUS375 Week 3

Assignment, E-learning for Training and Potential Barriers

Discussion 1, Kirkpatrick’s Taxonomy

Discussion 2, Beta-Testing

BUS375 Week 4

Assignment, Senge’s Five Disciplines and Organizational Climate

Discussion 1, Evaluative Tools

Discussion 2, Is It a Learning Organization?

BUS375 Week 5

Final Paper, Creating a Diverse Training Program

Discussion 1, Coaching Versus Mentoring

Discussion 2, Corporate Social Responsibility